Obermaier's BBQ & Sausage

BBQ & Sausages

Obermaier's Fresh Cuts Your leading butcher in Brandon Manitoba, for fine meats and over 50 different kinds of freshly in-store made sausages.

Are you planning a BBQ?

With over 50 different kinds of homemade sausages, pre-marinated meat, world famous BBQ sauces and homemade potato salad, Brandon's Obermaier's Sausages & Meats Ltd. is heavily stocked with everything you'll need to throw a stellar barbecue.

Homemade Sausages

All our sausages are freshly made in-store ranging from beef, pork, bison, elk and more. We offer over 50 different European and Canadian quality sausages for you to choose from.

BBQ's Bests!

From casual family dinners to easy, relaxed BBQ's with friends, our variety of perfect cuts will make your BBQ an unforgettable experience. Ask about our Sirloin, Top Sirloin, Rib eye and T-bone steaks and the marinates that are available to you at our meat counter.

Thinking of offering something special?

Surprise your guests with Greek Specialities available in our store: Chicken souvlaki, Pork souvlaki and Gyros

Gyros & Souvlaki a flavourful must have main dish for any Greek-inspired BBQ. Create a memorial BBQ experience for your entire family and guests with this flavour rich dish of oregano, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.

Obermaiers Store-made Sausages
Obermaiers Store-made Sausages
Obermaiers Store-made Sausages