Obermaier’s Game Processing Services

Game Processing

At Obermaier’s we take pride in preparing customized Wild Game processing cuts and sausages for our customers. We offer a wide range of custom cutting, sausage making and pepperoni for your Wild Game.

You can trust Obermaier's, that we will make your products in individual batches. Once you dropped off your game, you are guaranteed that we will process your meat on its own into your products. We will never mix your meat with other people’s game, and we will only use our pork of equal amounts. We follow the recommended ratio of 20 lbs of game and 10 lbs of pork because we know that it will guarantee a higher end-product that you can enjoy over and over again.

We offer an entire array of customized sausages. The list below is only a small sample of what we can do for you.

Customized Wild Game Processing, Cuts and Sausages

The following customized processing cuts and sausages are available to you.
A minimum batch of 30 lbs is required at all times.

# You can choose from Price/lbs *
1 Pork Trim 50% $2.00/lbs
2 Pork Trim 85% $2.50/lbs
3 Beef Trim 50% $3.00/lbs
4 Beef Trim 85% $5.00/lbs
5 Boning Bigger Game ( Moose, Elk ) $1.25/lbs
6 Boning Charge Per Deer Carcass $120.00
# Processing Types Price/lbs *
1 Grinding Bulk $0.50/lbs
2 Grinding & Wrapping $0.75/lbs
3 Vacuuming $0.50/lbs
4 Smoking Cold $1.00/lbs
5 Smoking & Cooking $1.50/lbs
6 Custom Slicing $1.00/lbs
* Prices are subject to change.

Fresh Sausages, Smokies & Salami

Fresh Sausages are available as a combination of: Beef, Beef + Pork, Pork, Elk, Bison Sausage or a recipe your choice

Fresh Smokies are available as: Bavarian Garlic, Jalapino, French Herb, Cheese, Onions or a recipe of your choice

Fresh Salami is available as: Polish, Vienna or Spicy

# Sausage Type Price/lbs *
1 Italian Sausage $3.25/lbs
2 Rancher Sausage $3.25/lbs
3 South African Boerewors $3.25/lbs
4 Farmer Sausage $3.50/lbs
5 Salametti Hot or Mild $3.50/lbs
6 Octoberfest Sausage $3.75/lbs
7 Kohlwurst $3.50/lbs
8 German Bratwurst Fine $3.75/lbs
9 Smokies $3.75/lbs
10 Garlic Sausage $3.75/lbs
11 Summer Salami $3.75/lbs
12 Fresh Sausage $3.25/lbs
# Sausage Type Price/lbs *
13 Pepperettes Hot or Mild $3.75/lbs
14 Breakfast Sausage Links $3.75/lbs
15 Nuernberger Bratwurst $4.00/lbs
16 Honey Garlic Pepperettes $4.00/lbs
17 Cheeseburger Sausage $4.00/lbs
18 Cheese Smokies $4.25/lbs
19 Fresh Onion Sausage $3.50/lbs
20 Honey Garlic Sausage $4.00/lbs
21 Vienna Sausage $3.75/lbs
22 Jalapeno Cheese Sausage $4.25/lbs
23 Hamburger Patties $3.50/lbs
24 Cracked Pepper Salami Rings $4.25/lbs
* Prices are subject to change.